It began with photography, and a fascination with visual symmetry in everyday life. Through composition, transforming the mundane into something extraordinary. Then, as Muybridge discovered, the realization that moving images — most effectively used through the editing process — can have an influential capacity unlike any other art form.


Rapport Product Video (Notion)

St. Louis: America's Premier Chess Destination (Forbes)

Checkmate: Earning A Living In Competitive Chess (Forbes)

The Candle Fusion Studio

Stephanie & Jacob Highlight FIlm

McDonald's - 'BigBag' (Coolfire Studios)

Colief Testimonials (RLA Collective)

The Breast Dance Party Ever (Gateway to Hope)

American Dance Troupe - 2017 Highlight

St. Louis All City Boxing

One Year After Ferguson: What's Changed? (AJ+)

Tracey Frank: Mom by Day; Fire-Spinner by Night

"Misery Mountain" Directed by Benjamin S. Hammond, Director of Photography - Chico D. Mejia

Butt Sniffers Academy (The Watering Bowl)

Linda & Ryan Highlight Film